My wheels

So heavily laden the tree next to it started bending...

So heavily laden the tree next to it started bending...

I’ve got a pretty old bike. It was a present for my 16th birthday, so yeah – pretty old! It’s a Ridgeback 920sx Urban Series – basically a hybrid designed for commuting. Normal pedals; haven’t been convinced by clipless yet, but that may change.

It hasn’t got disc-brakes or carbon-fibre forks or titanium rims and I’m still running on the original City Slicker II tyres (although they are getting a *leeeetle* perished around the edges and I should probably replace them).

The picture is from my first long-distance cyle trip in May 2009, fully laden. I fitted a front pannier rack to accommodate all those extra pairs of (unneccessary) socks/pants.  I’ve got front and rear lights from Halfords, cheap and not-waterproof panniers, an 8-function cycle computer (Halfords again) and a rather lovely saddle by Velo. The saddle is a ladies-specific one, with a hole for increased, err… ventilation. (TMI – sorry).

Just the one bottle cage (need to add another somewhere), but I have a BRILLIANT old-skool bicycle bell that is even older than the bike. It’s one that goes *BRRINGG BRRRINGGG!* That was bought from Jeanstown Stores, Lochcarron, 1989. It work better than just shouting  ” Get out of the way! ” It probably weights about 1kg, but it’s staying.

So, the bike is old, heavy, not designed for long-distance and showing signs of damage from when my Dad borrowed it to come back from the pub and performed a spectacular face-plant into the gutter.  Perfect.


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