Weekly mileage – 12/09/09

Commute: 18 m

Bike@work: 83 m

Runs: 8 m

Total Joolz leg-powered travel : 109m

I’ve been riding my bike as much as possible, trying to get a base level of fitness to prepare me for the proper long-haul training. I’m lucky because I get to ride at work too, although on a mountain bike, which makes it hard-going on roads.

Have a front derailleur issue has prevented me from commuting every day this week, as well as working late on a Friday. I don’t want to cycle back home along dark country lanes knowing how many drunk drivers there are out there! Even with my huge, flapping (oi!) hi-vis vest, some people still don’t see me until they’re right behind me. I’m all for equal opportunities, but letting blind people drive is a little *too* lax, methinks.

I’m trying to get in shape to do a half-marathon in October, but knowing my knee/back issues, I won’t expect too much of myself. The plan is to run twice a week, with a long run on a Sat or Sun increasing by a mile a week. I don’t care how long it takes me, so long as I manage to get the distance in! So this weekend it’s supposed to be 6 miles….I’ve never run that far before, arrrrghhhhhh.

At least with all this exercise I get to eat as many donuts/crisps/pies as I want. Trouble is my thighs are getting rather well-developed…


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