This week’s ‘long’ run/stumble/crawl…

I set out with the intention of running 7 miles…and managed to, eventually! Had to stop and walk twice, for a bit – and the massive hill at the end of shoesmy run was pretty testing, but I did it. Amazingly, I finished with no physical injuries, just incredibly exhausted and thirsty (depsite having consumed 700ml during the run).
However, one week later and I reckon I have what is known as shin splints; basically pain in my shin muscle/tendon area. Scheduled for tomorrow is my first 8-miler, and I seriously doubt I could run even one mile at the moment. Damn, blast and poo-pants. S’not fair!

I’m hoping a combination of stretching, ice-pack and ibuprofen will get me through it – I’m fitter than I’ve ever been in my whole life and mentally strong – trust my body to let me down…


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