The Things People Say

…when I’m out running.

Due to being laid up with my now delightfully infected blister (a medic told me she’d only seen bigger blisters on house-fire victims…) I thought I’d list a few of the things I’ve had said/shouted to me recently, whilst I’ve been out running…purely for entertainment reasons.

* Why have you got a solar panel on your arm? (in reference to my iPod).

* That’s what you should be doing, that- lose a bit of weight ( said to heavily pregnant girlfriend pushing a buggy. He was swilling from a can of Carling. It was 10am).

* Run fat girl, run! (from giggly teenage girls smoking Lambert & Butler outside the chip shop).

* F*ck you! You’re a f*cking c***! (from cherubic-faced 7 year olds hitting a burnt out skate ramp with clubs. For fun).

* Oh well done you! Keep going! (lovely posh lady on canal tow path).

* Didn’t I just see you an hour ago?! (on my first 9 mile run. Felt so good to see the look of bewilderment on his face).

* Oh, just give up and walk! (said by saggy-faced woman dragging on a fag. Inexplicably down a remote country lane frequented by fly-tippers).


One Response

  1. Have you noticed how only the heavy drinking, pot smoking, poorly educated, low lifes are the ones throwing insults around? Well done to lovely posh lady!
    Keep running, stay safe!

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